Find Money

You MAY Have Money…

Millions of Americans are unaware they are the rightful owners of unclaimed funds, including you. You may be an heir to an estate or the owner of abandoned property including bank accounts, wages, pension funds, dividends, bonds, mutual funds and other types of property.

It is important to make a claim on abandoned property as soon as possible. In some cases, there is a deadline, and the property is at risk of permanent escheatment, which means the property is barred and can no longer be recovered.

If you believe you may have unclaimed money, National Asset Finders will conduct a thorough search of all available databases. We work for our clients on a contingency fee basis if a claim is discovered. If we are successful in recovering your claim money, we charge a processing fee of the total refund recovered.

You must complete the online form with the information we need to conduct a search and send back the signed and notarized finder agreement. After we receive your agreement, we will notify you of the results within 14 days.