About National Asset Finders

National Asset Finders are experts at recovering unclaimed money for our clients. We specialize in recovering assets for people that otherwise would not have known these assets existed. Having to look for them all can be a daunting task. That is why it is good to have experts such as National Asset Finders working for you.


Billions of dollars go unclaimed with money that you are unaware may belong to you.

You MAY Have Money…

Millions of Americans are unaware they are the rightful owners of unclaimed funds, including you. You may be an heir to an estate or the owner of abandoned property including bank accounts, wages, pension funds, dividends, bonds, mutual funds and other types of property.


Why Should I Use National Asset Finders to Recover My Funds?

We are experts in recovering unclaimed money. We value our clients and treat them with respect and professionalism. It is often difficult to recover the money as there are often many rules, forms, petitions, appearances and procedures to deal with. It pays to have an experienced professional working for you. We are familiar with all of the paperwork and documentation required to collect your funds. We have also developed relationships with unclaimed money departments that can be beneficial when there are questions or unexpected developments arise.

Most importantly, we are looking out for your best interests. If you have been contacted by us, we have already put forth considerable effort in determining if the money belongs to you. For a small percentage, we can finish the job we started and get your money to you quickly and efficiently.

Why Didn’t The Unclaimed Property Office Contact Me Directly?

In the United States, there are millions of people owed billions of dollars. The unclaimed property offices holding this money has limited staff. They can only do so much. As thousands of new accounts are added every week, chances are that the unclaimed property office will never contact you. On the other hand, we only get paid if we get your money back. We have more incentive to find people and contact them than the unclaimed property office does.

Where Did This Money Come From?

Examples of unclaimed property include: abandoned bank accounts, uncashed checks, telephone/utility deposits, rental security deposits, wages, insurance benefits/policies, safe deposit box contents, mortgage insurance refunds, stocks and dividends, mutal funds, certificate of deposit, trust funds, estate proceeds and more.


National Asset Finders are experts in finding and recovering unclaimed funds. Here are examples of funds we have claimed for our client that we can find for you!